Companies Start to Make Industrial Metaverse Hires


Companies are actively hiring for roles that leverage artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other advanced technologies to optimize operations and stay competitive in the transformative landscape, according to GlobalData’s Jobs Analytics Database, which is tracking the rise of the industrial metaverse.

“The industrial metaverse is gaining traction as companies see its potential to offer benefits in the form of enhanced operational efficiency,” said GlobalData Analyst Sherla Sriprada. “The growing significance of industrial metaverse among businesses is also evident from the fact that it has been gaining prominence in the discussions of companies. It also reflects in the hiring activity of some tech giants.”

GlobalData has highlighted some of the industrial metaverse-related job postings by major companies, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, Siemens, Schaeffler, Dyson, and Hitachi.

“As the industrial metaverse continues to evolve, companies are expected to show increasing interest in this transformative landscape, influencing the evolution of related roles and responsibilities,” adds Sriprada.


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