Greene Tweed Completes Build of Korean Manufacturing Plant


Thermoplastics and composites manufacturer Greene Tweed has completed a new manufacturing facility in Ochang, South Korea. Greene Tweed says the site marks a significant expansion in its global footprint. The facility will start sample production shortly and commercial production by September 2024.

The state-of-the-art plant has advanced manufacturing technology, solar panels, and greywater recycling facilities to mitigate environmental impact. Skilled staff are also in place.

“The opening of this facility represents a pivotal step in our strategic growth plan,” said Magen Buterbaugh, President and CEO of Greene Tweed. “Our investment in Korea not only expands our manufacturing capacity but also strengthens our ability to provide high-quality products to our customers, particularly in the semiconductor industry, which is crucial to the global economy.”

With the semiconductor market expected to be valued at USD1 trillion by 2030, Greene Tweed says it is well-positioned to meet local and global demand. By increasing its manufacturing presence in Asia, the company expects to improve delivery times, enhance business continuity, and offer greater flexibility and reliability for customers worldwide.

“This facility will initially focus on our Chemraz product line, known for its performance in demanding semiconductor applications, and will eventually expand to include other product lines to meet diverse customer needs,” said Greene Tweed Chemraz GM Thyag Sadasiwan.

The plant’s official opening is scheduled to occur later in June.


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