Plustek’s NVR 4200 to Protect City Residents


Taoyuan City in Taiwan has completed installation of a city-wide video surveillance system based on the Plustek NVR 4200 to protect the city’s residents.

Taoyuan City, with a population of 402,000 is the county seat of Taoyuan County, located in the northwestern part of the country. Taoyuan City is the gateway to Taiwan, with the Taoyuan International Airport only a 30-minute ride to the capital. At the center of this important installation is the Plustek NVR 4200, one of the smallest and most energy efficient Linux-embedded NVR systems for surveillance solutions.

The city’s previous video surveillance system did not support automatic system startup after power outage and was not durable enough to handle the city’s changing climate, city decision makers were impressed with the Plustek NVR’s ability to resume operations and that the NVR saved data and continued to record without direct power. City officials also appreciate that the Plustek NVR 4200 offers an energy-saving design, works under harsh climes, and the embedded Linux design means protection from viruses and overall greater stability.

The Plustek NVR utilizes Wi-Fi technology to transmit videos from 40 IP and analog cameras connecting with AXIS servers throughout the city back to the central monitoring spot, which located at the central police station, as well as to other monitoring stations located in each district office. Video is recorded 24/7.

Approximately, 50% of Taoyuan City is covered by the video surveillance. Cameras are installed on the top of utility poles and video is stored in NAS units located in the office of the head of each district. Camera locations were chosen to cover the most important, busy intersections. When the police needs videos of a specific street to investigate any incidents, they have access authority to each of the district storage locations. The back-end solution is the Plustek Central Monitoring Software (MultiManager), the police and the head of each district use the CMS to pre-schedule back-ups for all camera data.

The Plustek NVR 4200 offers easy installation and is one of the most durable systems of its type. Designed with an open-platform concept to allow integration of linear systems, it is future-proofed to protect the end user’s growing and evolving security needs. It provides video compression in Motion-JPEG and MPEG-4, and in the latest compression mode, H.264. As Taoyuan City looks to the future, city officials plan to install two to four cameras at current and an expanded number of new locations, making for upwards of 80 total cameras in the near future.


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