Dahua opens their Cybersecurity Center (DHCC) and advises Best Practices


seadan_logoWe at Seadan are committed in providing our customers with the most up-to-date cybersecurity information from our suppliers as soon as they make it available.

Dahua has announced the establishment of their Cybersecurity Center working with specialist partners in this field to address cybersecurity issues and to provide more robust and secure products into the future.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary for integrators to set up security systems and protocols with cybersecurity in mind. Regrettably hacking cyberattacks are becoming more common in today’s networked world and there have been recent incidents where hackers have blocked the preview images from cameras connected to Dahua NVRs with the word ‘HACKED’ on the blank image.

To recover and prevent future attacks Dahua has advised to immediately:

  1. Update the device to the latest firmware
  2. Execute factory default after update
  3. Change the default password, including the default admin and 888888 account passwords

Then read and implement recommendations contained in How to Create a More Secure Security System

Easy access to all relevant information is at the Dahua Cybersecurity Center (DHCC) which I encourage you to visit regularly. It consists of security vulnerability reporting, announcements/notices and cybersecurity knowledge sharing with their global customer base.  Here you will find links to:

Announcements and Notices

Vunerability Reporting

Best Practices

Please contact the  Seadan’s Tech Support Team (1300 000 835) or email the team on technicalsupport@seadan.com.au should you need further information about this important issue.


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