Lenovo launches Sustainability Services


Lenovo today announced the launch of its new Sustainability Services Consultancy at its inaugural local Tech World, its first annual Australia and New Zealand innovation event.

“At Lenovo, our ambition is to help any organisation with a desire to operate more sustainably, whether they are starting out or looking to the next phase. Lenovo’s Sustainability Services Consultancy draws on our expansive network of solutions and can solve for any scale,” said Matt Codrington, Managing Director, Lenovo Australia and New Zealand.

Service examples include Lenovo CO2 Offset Services, which considers the lifecycle emissions of PCs. Globally, it has surpassed one million tonnes of carbon offsets, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from more than 215,000 passenger vehicles driven over the course of one year. Other services include Lenovo Asset Recovery Services, a set of services that helps business customers manage their IT equipment at the end of life by providing equipment take-back, data destruction, refurbishment, and recycling services.

“Australian Unity has been supporting the wellbeing of Australians since 1840. As a company that delivers products and services in the areas of health, wealth and living for the Australian community, ESG is a key driver of how we do business. Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Service has been instrumental in helping us minimise our supply chain touch points and logistics, and it is exciting to hear that they are now launching a Sustainability Services Consultancy making it easier to tap into the array of sustainability services they offer,” said Sasha Hansen, General Manager, Group Technology Commercial, Australian Unity.

“Since the beginning of this fiscal year, we have already seen a 43% YoY increase in the number of customers using Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services. Our vision is that Lenovo’s Sustainability Services Consultancy will make it easier for more customers to transition to the circular economy,” said Mr. Codrington.

In addition, Lenovo is developing Sustainability Tokens and a Sustainability Dashboard. Sustainability Tokens will enable customers to purchase tokens up front to put towards sustainability services. Together, they will offer a streamlined customer experience, greater financial visibility of sustainability investments, as well as a holistic view of ESG metrics. These additions will also be available to customers in early 2023.

“ESG is an important guiding principle in all our technology innovations, from energy saving in the manufacturing process, to adopting recycled material for packaging, and to the full life-cycle management. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to find solutions that lower emissions in our own operations whilst providing more products and services to our customers and partners that support them in their sustainability journeys,” concluded Mr Codrington.


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